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2021 winter transfer window rumors

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During the month of January, the winter transfer window of European football opens, which allows clubs to sign players in the middle of the season. This window has a particularity since, being on these dates, it requires certain conditions for a transfer to occur and then for it to be beneficial on a sports level.

We recently talked about the players who are free to negotiate with other clubs from today. However, these are signings that would materialize for the beginning of next season. Logically, as in any transfer window, rumors of possible transfers begin to fill the specialized media and below we are going to mention some of the most prominent today.

The almost-official arrival of Mauricio Pochettino at Paris Saint Germain is starting to create a huge wave of rumors about the players that he could bring to his new club. One of the rumors talks about the possible signing of Hugo Lloris, world champion goalkeeper that Pochettino trained at Tottenham.

The lack of a replacement for Aaron Wan-Bissaka has led Manchester United to search the market for a right back and they started talking with Kieran Trippier from Atlético de Madrid. However, in recent days the alternative of Max Aarons has gained strength. Aarons is a young Norwich City full back that already had shown good performances in the English Premier League last season.

Since the arrival of Antonio Conte at Inter, the Italian club has been very active in transfer windows and this time it was not going to be the exception. Conte is looking for another option in attack and some Serie A players are being considered, such as Leonardo Pavoletti (Genoa), Alejandro “Papu” Gomez (Atalanta), Gervinho (Parma) and Kevin Lasagna (Udinese). Some of them could join Inter in this window.

Without leaving Milan, we find that AC Milan is interested in Luka Jovic from Real Madrid, an interest that has existed since the summer. Other clubs that with interest in the Serbian striker are AS Monaco, Wolverhampton or Eintracht Frankfurt, being the last club where he stood out before joining Madrid.

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