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A Kind Gesture from Trae Young During Vote Counting

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Trae Young is a young basketball star for the Atlanta Hawks, but has always had some hype around his name long before his time in the league began.

While in his college days at the University of Oklahoma, Trae Young was known for his surprisingly long threes, taking shots from the logo like it was nothing. Not only is this rare in the NBA today, but it is extra rare in college basketball. Trae Young was also very well-known for being extremely cocky.

However, today’s story is the exact opposite of this swagger and a kind gesture from the Atlanta Hawks superstar. Trae Young spent over six hundred and seventy dollars to get food catered from Jason’s Deli for election workers in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

If you have not been paying attention to the recent Presidential election in the United States, Georgia is considered a key state where every vote matters. Since these votes are so important, election workers have literally been working non stop, around the clock, to get all of these votes counted. Since they must work overnight and through lunch, Trae Young decided to buy them all lunch to show his appreciation.

Now six hundred and seventy dollars sounds like quite a lot to most people, but Trae Young is a millionaire after all, so definitely do not be worried about his bank account after this gesture. The Fulton County workers were ecstatic to say the least by this gesture of kindness and publicly thanked Trae Young and Atlanta Hawks for their unending support during this election process.

It was certainly a great move by Trae Young and we want to thank all of the Atlanta election workers, as well as all election workers across the United States for their work during this recent election.

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