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A Wise Suggestion from the Biography of Nicklas Bendtner

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Many footballers prefer to have sex for money rather than go with a local girl, who could then blackmail them. Supporting him – or rather, writing it in the pages of his biography “Both Sides” is Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner.

And those of his colleagues who ended up in the middle of scandals involving prostitutes “were just unlucky, because they were caught with their pants down, but believe me that hiring escorts is a widespread phenomenon in professional soccer and everyone in this environment has heard of someone who has done it, especially in England, where it is tradition to tell the team their intimate stories”.

Bendtner, in his biography, continues: “I have personally witnessed footballers hiring prostitutes, even the day before a game, when the team was on retreat in a hotel in some godforsaken place”. On the reason that pushes a player to pay for sex, the former Arsenal and Juventus has its theory.

“Paying a prostitute is less risky than picking up someone you know around – assures the Dane, who today returned to play at home in Tarnby FF – and if you are prone to infidelity, you hardly dare to do it with a “normal” one, all the more so when you are a famous footballer.

I know of many incidents involving prostitutes, but I know as many stories of extortion through social media. We’re talking about the so-called “gold diggers” who hang out on the nightlife scene, ready for a shoot… and then they take pictures of you while you’re sleeping or naked and those pictures become their trump card and they can ask you anything to keep their mouth shut. And they do. With prostitutes you’re not in a barrel of iron, but at least they have a kind of business to protect”.

And during the Gunners period Bendtner himself was the victim of blackmail by one of these “gold diggers”. “Once a girl came to me with whom I had slept with, telling me that she had gotten pregnant and that there was a price for her silence” Bendtner wrote. “She wanted the money to get a boob job, so in the end, I paid her for the plastic surgery”.

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