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Adesanya tired of been questioned about his grappling skills

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Israel Adesanya is known for his ultimate power which he uses to put his opponents to sleep on canvas. So far, Adesanya has won 15 of his fights by knockout and 5 by decision which has made a big question mark on his grappling skills as the world champion never won a single game by submission.

Recently, Khamzat Chimeav (9-0-0) gave an interview where he challenged a few fighters and kept Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya (20-0-0) at the top. Despite this, Khamzat was pretty confident that he can win against Adesanya telling the media that no one has ever wrestled with him and he will easily choke the undisputed middleweight champion using his world-class grappling skills. A few others also questioned his grappling and wrestling skills.

The allegations mentioned by Khamzat were already arguments of discussion in the past and well-addressed by Adesanya. In fact, some time ago, the world champion stated he never got a chance to get a submission victory since nobody managed so far to take him down or to even get close to try to grapple him. Adesanya, 31-year-old, added that if somebody dares to get so close to him on the octagon, he will be happy to showcase his grappling skills.

When addressing this criticism, Adesanya was particularly angry and agitated saying that there is always somebody who is shouting at him for nothing or questioning his skills. Mentioning that he is keen to show his grappling and submission skills as soon as possible, Adesanya has recalled how many people booed him at the early stages of his MMA career despite now they are fans, or they dream of being like him.

Moreover, Israel Adesanya confirm that it is his intention to move up of one category and to fight in the light-heavyweight division. If this is confirmed also by UFC, the next opponent of Adesanya may be Jan Blachowicz (27-8-0), currently the world champion of the light-heavyweight division. This could be a massive test for Israel Adesanya who must be prepared to face stronger and bigger opponents.

We understand the frustration of Israel Adesanya of being constantly questioned about his skills. In the UFC roster, very few fighters do not need to showcase their abilities and Adesanya is one of them. When provocations come from other fighters is normal. Either they try to create a controversy to be fixed on the octagon or simply they are looking for some visibility. We also know that grappling is an essential part of MMA and no fighter can be considered a complete fighter if he lacks grappling skills. Unless, your name is Israel Adesanya and you can smash them before they can even consider to get close!

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