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Aleksandr Kokorin and Mario Balotelli under weird contractual clauses

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What they have in common Aleksandr Kokorin and Mario Balotelli? Of course, they are both strikers. In addition, they have an history of unpleasant behavior outside the pitch. And from now on, they also share weird contractual clauses in their respective contracts.

Spartak striker Aleksandr Kokorin will return part of his salary to the Spartak Moscow if he scores less than 10 goals in the 2020/2021 season. The ex-Zenit player, Kokorin, who has been through some difficult times in his career due to off-field incidents which costed him almost 1-year in prison, wants to redeem himself with Spartak Moscow. However, knowing the character they are dealing with, the board of Spartak Moscow has decided to insert a clause in his contract by which if Kokorin does not score at least 10 goals in the season, the footballer needs to return a portion of his salary. The football team and the player did not fully disclose the amount to be returned.

Apparently, this precaution will be valid for the entire duration of the three-year contract between Spartak Moscow and Aleksandr Kokorin. This season in the Russian Premier League, Kokorin has entered the field 10 times and already scored 2 goals. Last week, it was reported that Kokorin suffered a micro-injury to his quadriceps and was forced to miss the following league match. It is hoped that he will be ready for the match against Zenit. The match will take place on 16 December at the Gazprom Arena in St Petersburg.

In relation to Mario Balotelli, we have already discussed about his borderline lifestyle in a previous article. There you can only read about some of the many controversies the Italian footballer has been involved in. In view of this attitude of being a protagonist in-negative, the sporting director of Monza, the well-know right-arm of Berlusconi at AC Milan Adriano Galliani, has decided to insert a clause in Balotelli’s contract. The striker, who signed a contract with Monza last week, is obliged to live within 30 kilometers of Monzello (i.e. the training center of Monza, a relegation team) until the end of his contract which is in 6-month time.

Unfortunately, the city of Monza is not really happy of having Balotelli in town and the damages to his car are a proof. So, Balotelli is finding a way of living outside the city but still within the 30 kms radius as per his contract. According to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Balotelli has asked help to his team-mate Prince Boateng, the two were together also at AC Milan few years ago, to rent his couch on the eve of early training session. However, once again, Adriano Galliani has killed the idea and posed the veto on the two together knowing the fact that also Prince Boateng is not a role-model footballer…

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