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Alvaro Morata’s epic miss makes Andrea Pirlo fuming with rage

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andrea pirlo fuming as morata misses goal deepersport

Strikers can make or break a game and Alvaro Morata just proved this notion with his epic miss against Atalanta last Wednesday. The Juventus forward wasted a great opportunity to score by trying to get fancy and his manager, Andrea Pirlo, wasn’t having it in the press conference.

Juventus started this Serie A season in somewhat of a slow pace compared to previous years, but the Italian team coached by former player Andrea Pirlo was heading in the right direction until they drew last Wednesday match 1-1 against an inconsistent Atalanta. And striker Alvaro Morata had the chance to make a difference when the game was still nil-nil and basically blew it.

The former Real Madrid man has a lot of qualities, but his finishing has always been a big criticism and you can’t simply deny that when he tried a back heel against Atalanta with an open goal. It was a clear chance to give Juventus the lead and Morata made a tremendously erroneous decision in a key moment of the game. Considering that the game ended in a 1-1 draw, manager Andrea Pirlo was understandably angered by this and highlighted in the press conference, saying how much that decision by Morata annoyed him and made him angry.

We could debate if exposing his own player in a press conference is the right way to go for Pirlo in this situation, but no one can deny that Morata didn’t do himself any favors in this situation. A lot of people tend to blame the managers when results don’t work, but this type of situations is a prime example of players simply shooting themselves on the foot. Juventus are still trailing AC Milan and Inter Milan in the first two places of the Serie A table, but the difference is short enough and the league is long enough for the Old Lady to leapfrog them if they maintain a good level of performances. But if things get difficult and they don’t win the title, Morata’s miss would certainly be an unwanted highlight of their season.

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