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Another Poor Performance of Antonio Conte’s Inter Milan

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Every game is the same story: Inter Milan does not know how to win anymore but Antonio Conte keeps repeating that the team is growing.

Recently, Antonio Conte, 51 years old, even stated proudly that since his arrival everyone has started to respect Inter Milan again, but the results do not reflect the ambition of Inter Milan.

This season, the team was expected to lead Serie A and put an end to the Juventus’ hegemony of the last years. However, despite Juventus is not performing as expected, Inter Milan is 5 points behind AC Milan, the current leader of Serie A. The last time Inter Milan brought home the full loot was on October 24, away match against Genoa. The victory before the match against Genoa dates back to September 30. Out of ten games available, Inter Milan won 3, drew 5 and lost 2. The goals conceded are 16, the average says 1.6 per game. Not enough, definitely not enough.

Those numbers commence to create unhappiness among Inter Milan fans and Antonio Conte knows this very well, despite he continues to blame on the details and praise the attitude of his players and, overall, he insists not to treat the goals suffered as a serious issue. In short, any excuse is good to buy time but the situation did not develop in favor of Antonio Conte and Inter Milan in the meantime. As in the past, Inter Milan is not able to take advantage of the opponents’ missteps.

Against Atalanta Conte has proposed, once again, another formation, less offensive. The midfielders deployed were Brozovic in the center and Barella and Vidal on Brozovic’s side to try to push along the sides. Antonio Conte lined up again Skriniar among the starting eleven replacing Hakimi with Darmian. This gameplay was aimed at rebalancing Inter Milan providing more support to the defense line. As such, the attacking phase was not incisive and rather sterile.

Despite the numerous players arrived in Milan this August, Inter Milan clearly lacks something. Eriksen? On the bench for the whole 90 minutes. After the match against Atalanta, Conte explained that in the middle of the field, the players were tired due to the high number of games played in a short time. However, given the fact that Eriksen did not play much over the last few weeks, it proves that Antonio Conte did not take him into consideration at all.

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