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Arsenal’s relegation: just a joke or is it something real?

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The recent poor form of Arsenal FC has given rise to many comments, memes and jokes regarding a possible relegation to the Championship. Jokes aside, the situation seems to worsen day by day.

Very little remains of “The Invincibles” Arsenal side led from the bench by Arsene Wenger. The offensive style of play, ball possession and good link-up play has been lost between the new managers and players. Now the team does not have a clear idea or a defined starting eleven, leading to a streak of poor results which has resulted in a discussion of a possible relegation due to Arsenal being 15th in the English Premier League as we speak.

Wenger’s final stage at Arsenal was not at the level of his early years and that could bring some responsibility of the club’s current state to his door, with players such as Mesut Ozil, Shkodran Mustafi, Granit Xhaka, Alexandre Lacazette or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang being signed during his tenure on big contracts and small results.

A lot of these players, like Ozil, do not enter into the plans of manager Mikel Arteta or you have the case Xhaka, who has developed a feud with the Gunner fans. To this must be added some post-Wenger signings such as Nicolas Pépé, Willian or David Luiz who have not lived up to the demands of the club.

In this scenario, it should be noted that the arrival of Arteta seemed, in theory, to be the return of possession-based and offensive football to Arsenal and in practice, it has turned out to be a game more based on defense and counter attack that has not brought the expected results, except for the 2019-20 FA Cup and the 2020 FA Community Shield.

Interestingly, those titles, right at the beginning of Mikel Arteta’s stage as Arsenal manager, proved to be detrimental for the club as they created a mirage that the Spanish manager’s way of playing was being successful. Although there are many cases of big teams that have been relegated, Arsenal have a lot of time to straighten their ways, especially since we’re only in December.

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