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Arturo Vidal: From Real Madrid Fan to Real Madrid Enemy

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Arturo Vidal is all set to play against Real Madrid for the 13th time. The midfielder has previously played six times for Barcelona, four times for Juventus, and twice for Bayern Munich. However, there is something special when Vidal is playing against Real Madrid. The Chilean is known for his anti-Madrid sentiments on social media, but there is another side to this story as well. It looks like Arturo Vidal is an ex-fan of Los Blancos, and he even used to dream about playing for them.

If you have heard about Nicolas Olea’s book named ‘Vidal, his story’ which is a biography of the midfielder, then you would probably know what we are talking about. In his book, Nicolas reveals that it was Vidal’s dream to play for Real Madrid. He further says that Ivan Zamorano was Vidal’s inspiration as a child.

When Vidal joined Juventus back in 2011, he made a controversial statement when he said that this move is just a step closer to finally joining Los Blancos. He had to apologize for this statement later. By now, you must be wondering, what could possibly have gone wrong that he developed such dislike towards Real Madrid. Vidal scored 4 goals against Madrid when he was in Juventus. His hate for the Spanish club started growing when he was in Bayern Munich, and the referee sent him off in the quarter-final. He blamed the referees for Bayern’s defeat and said it was them who knocked us out, not Real Madrid. Then, again, in another season’s knockouts, Lucas Vazquez was awarded a suspicious penalty, which triggered Vidal, again. 

In an official presentation, Vidal revealed his intentions and said, “I don’t think I’m anti-Madrid. I’m a rival of all the teams who play against Barcelona from here on in. There’s nothing else to say.” 

As the Chilean is all set to face his old rivals in Valdebebas, we are all hoping that he performs really well against the team he once admired! 

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