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Barack Obama Puts Up a Three! (Video Included)

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Barack Obama, former US President, has made his love for sports very public since his days as President, with basketball holding a special place in his heart.

Being from Chicago and growing up watching the Michael Jordan era of the Bulls, it is no wonder why he is such a huge basketball fan. Earlier today a clip of him draining a three has gone viral. He has been on the campaign trail with Joe Biden, and they were in a gym prior to a rally early today.

In the video someone randomly passes Obama a ball on his way out of the gym, in which he puts down his coffee, takes one shot and drains the three pointer. Of course, this received a lot of cheers from his staff and even some respect from Joe Biden. Obama just responded by saying “That’s what I do!”. It would be hilarious to watch a one versus one match-up of Barack Obama versus Joe Biden, or even better Barack Obama vs Donald Trump.

There have been clips of Obama playing basketball during his presidency, but the only clips of Trump playing sports have been poor golf shots. Trump would have some weight on Obama, and maybe some height too, but Obama would just use his speed and dribbling skills to blow him away. Although Trump could just get some rebounds, and post up Obama and never let him touch the ball again.

It would certainly be a great match-up to watch, but the current match-up is Trump versus Biden in this upcoming election. That is why Obama was even in the gym, helping Biden at a political rally leading up to election day. Overall, this was an excellent shot by Obama, it would be epic to see him play one of the current presidential candidates, but make sure you go vote next week!

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