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Bella Mir, the new rising star of the MMA?

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The former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir (19-13-0) earned a lot of respect while competing in the cage and now, his daughter, Bella Mir (2-0-0) has started making the headlines. Frank Mir was considered as one of the submission specialists of his time and it seems that his daughter Bella has stolen a page from her father’s book as she looks promising.

17-year-old Bella Mir, daughter of Frank Mir, made a statement by dominating her debuting fight won by unanimous decision last 22 October and promoted by iKon Fighting Federation. 2 days ago, Bella Mir repeated her performance winning by submission (rear-naked choke) in the first round still in the same promotion. Her aggression and grappling have been in news now and many of the experts have admired her speed, footwork, and technique.

It was her second bout at I KON FF 4 in San Carlos, Mexico where she faced Alma Cespedes (0-2-0). Despite the fight started gradually, suddenly Bella Mir exponentially mounted her aggressiveness and in the third minute of the first round, she applied a rear-naked choke. Cespedes had no answer for Mir’s power and went to sleep in a fraction. Given the performances expressed by Bella Mir, the MMA community has started thinking that she may be the “next big thing” in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. And the main point is not just about her performances but also thanks to the fact that her father and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir is her mentor and was present by the ring in both of her fights.

While talking to the media, Frank Mir said that, despite Bella is very young for MMA, he still wanted to train her from a very early stage and follow Ronda Rousey (12-2-0) as his model. It will be interesting to follow her growth and to see whether Bella Mir is really the rising star everyone is talking about. Waiting for Dana White and UFC move…

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