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Best English Premier League January signings of all time

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Unlike what happens with the summer transfer window, January signings tend to be smaller in terms of expenses and are usually immediate solutions that clubs seek to correct specific problems they have. That is why there are few cases of highly renowned signings such as those seen in summer, but there are several that have been very important.

We are going to list, in no particular order, the 8 best transfers in the winter transfer window of the English Premier League:

Nemanja Vidic (Spartak Moscow to Manchester United – 2006): the Serbian formed one of the best center back partnerships in the history of the English Premier League with Rio Ferdinand. A strong and tough defender who turned out to be very important to the Red Devils.

Clint Dempsey (New England Revolution to Fulham – 2006): an American attacking midfielder that was little known in Europe who had a great impact in England and who became a cult hero of sorts in the league.

Virgil Van Dijk (Southampton to Liverpool FC – 2018): he became one of the best center backs in the world with the Reds, who managed to lift the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League.

Ashley Young (Watford to Aston Villa – 2007): While Young’s most recent image may not be the best, the reality is that the English winger emerged as a talented player at Watford and subsequently became one of the best players in the English championship at Aston Villa.

Riyad Mahrez (Le Havre to Leicester City – 2014): It was a signing that did not attract the attention of the majority of the majority of the football world but that in 2016 would be along with Kanté, Vardy and Ranieri, one of the main actors in one of the most incredible feats in the history of football.

Patrice Evra (AS Monaco to Manchester United – 2006): a very offensive left back who had a great role in the Red Devils with which he won, among other things, a UEFA Champions League and 5 English Premier League titles.

Seamus Coleman (Sligo Rovers to Everton – 2009): Beyond placing someone to separate the players at 6th and 8th, Coleman was a little-known signing who held the Merseyside team’s right-back spot for a decade.

Luis Suarez (Ajax to Liverpool FC – 2011): The Uruguayan striker was recognized for his work in the Netherlands, but it was at Liverpool FC he became one of the best players in the world. Unfortunately, his great performance in England was not completed with an English Premier League title, although this does not detract from the merit of being one of the best January signings in recent times.

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