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Bill O’ Brien Booted Out the Door

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This article was actually originally supposed to be written about Bill O’ Brien’s poor performance as a coach recently, however within the last few hours alone he has been fired from his position.

Let’s take a look at what led to this decision from the front office. Since Bill O’ Brien’s hiring in 2014, he was actually a very successful coach with the Houston Texans. He led the team to many winning seasons up until recent years where things really began to go down hill.

With an overall positive record and an opening for general manager of the franchise, the front office chose to make O’ Brien both the head coach and general manager of the team. This means the performance of the team solely rests in his hands as the man making the roster moves and running practice on a daily basis. As one of his first moves as general manager he decided to trade away star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, a move that frustrated many Texans fans.

This background leads us to the present day firing that just occurred. This comes as the direct result of the Texans starting the season with a record of zero wins and four losses. Not only is this record a good indication of poor performance, but players on the team were also throwing shade at their head coach. J.J. Watt stated in a post game interview that whatever they were doing was not working, meaning that the players were not fully trusting their head coach.

Overall this action by the Texans front office is a good reminder to all NFL coaches that nobody is safe, and anyone can be fired at any point in time. Therefore, you must always perform at your best.

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