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Brian Brobbey and Mino Raiola: A nightmare for Ajax

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Ajax is a legendary club in world football that prides itself on their youth development, so when an agent like Mino Raiola steps in to put a dent on their process, that is bound to create issues. And the recent problems have risen with one of their most promising talents in 2021, Brian Brobbey.

When it comes to developing young players, there is no better club in world football than Ajax. They are known for having one of the best academies in the world and every couple of years they have an enormously talented generation that produces some incredible world class players.

Naturally, them being part of a smaller league like the Eredivisie forces them to sell their players to make more money and they can continue their careers in bigger leagues across Europe, but the usually tend to leave a lot of money through their sales. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case with their talented striker Brian Brobbey. The 18 year old striker is one of the most promising young players in the current Ajax setup and he already has 1 goal in 3 games with the Dutch giants. But his agent, football mogul Mino Raiola, has informed the club that Brobbey is not going to renew his contract with the Amsterdam institution.

If Brian Brobbey doesn’t sign a new contract, he can leave on a free transfer by the end of the season and that is worrying for Ajax because they don’t make their young players leave like that if they are highly-regarded. Borussia Dortmund are interested in the youngster as a potential replacement for Erling Haaland.

Mino Raiola’s antics are known across Europe and that has made him a very difficult person to work with. But considering that he also has another Ajax player in his roster, Ryan Gravenberch, there is a very good chance that the Brian Brobbey situation is not going to end his relationship with the Eredivisie club.

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