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Bronny, Bronny… You just gave a red flag to NBA teams

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In recent events, the sports world received another shock through Instagram yet again but luckily it was not another video of oral sex. By the way, thanks Jamal…

Instead this was a video of an underage basketball star smoking Marijuana, and the identity of this player was the true shock. This person was not other than Bronny James, Lebron James’ son.

Bronny James is only fifteen years old, turning sixteen years old within the next few weeks. This video was directly on his Instagram profile story similar to Jamal Murray, however this post seemed much more deliberate. It was just a ten second video of Bronny James smoking a joint as he was holding the camera similar to taking a selfie.

An interesting piece of additional information is that nobody in the family has made any comments about this behavior. There is no excuse of his Instagram page being hacked; it simply seems to be the mistakes of a young kid being a kid.

Currently Lebron James, his father, is also competing in the National Basketball Association Western Conference Playoffs in hopes of making it to the Championship game. This is a likely reason why nobody in the family has made a comment about the incident.

Another possibility is that they are just handling this as personal family business and trying to keep it out of the light of the media, and rightfully so. He is just a kid after all. Of course as people do, there have been numerous memes made about this incident, particularly speaking about how Lebron James is going to discipline his son when he gets home.

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