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Bubba Watson and the rising popularity of golf during covid-19

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With the worldwide covid-19 pandemic, a lot of the people was forced into lock-down and stay inside for quite a while. People were looking for anything to get out of the house and go outside. For many, this came in the form of golf.

Golf is certainly one of the most socially distanced sports ever. I personally played some of the most golf of my life during the recent quarantine. It also got a lot of interest from non-golfers looking for something to do or learn. I also taught my brother how to play over the spring quarantine. This news has recently come into light as Bubba Watson and Jordan Spieth recently sat down to have a discussion about the topic.

Bubba Watson was really the star of the show during this interview, and explained that the golf industry is booming in popularity at the moment. Watson fully accredits this popularity boost to Covid-19, and apparently it is such a large demand that many equipment companies cannot keep up. Bubba Watson also explained that even golf video games are soaring in popularity at the moment. It also helps that the 2020 Masters just finished last weekend, which is one of the most popular tournaments in the game, if not the most popular.

If you are trying to join the sport, do not be discouraged by his statement that golf companies are behind the curve. There are plenty of used clubs available on third party websites like eBay, that are a great place to start for beginners. They offer cheaper clubs that are a little used but still in good condition all while ensuring a safe purchase. Overall, this surge of popularity is great to see for the sport of golf!

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