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Philippe Coutinho: the worst signing of all time

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Phillippe Coutinho has struggled massively since he arrived to the Camp Nou and there are more whispers among the Barcelona faithful that they are getting tired of him. And considering what was paid for, it’s safe to say that Coutinho’s transfer is going to be ranked as one of the worst transfers of all time. But is he the worst?

When FC Barcelona paid 142 million pounds for Philippe Coutinho back in January of 2018, they thought they were getting a proper Neymar replacement and a quality player to team up with Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi. But that hasn’t been the case. Not even close.

The reality is that Coutinho has been a monumental disappointment at Barcelona, constantly struggling to find form and delivering the goods. The Brazilian has been massively inconsistent and has failed to make an impact when his team needed him the most. In addition, Coutinho was the club’s most expensive signing of all time and most of the money they got from the Neymar’s sale was spent on him. This emphasizes the poor transfer policy that Barcelona have had in recent years. It’s a move that has failed in pretty much every single metric.

However, Philippe Coutinho who has been loaned to Bayern Munich last season, went on winning the treble as a substitute, scoring two goals against Barcelona on the legendary 8-2 defeat in the Champions League. It was another example of how absolutely everything failed for Barcelona when it comes to this particular transfer. Coutinho has returned to Barcelona this season and once again he has been a disappointment. Regardless of the manager, the reality is that the former Liverpool man has always been a luxury player that can complement a team but he cannot make it a lot better. Let’s not forget that Jurgen Klopp’s team improved once he left. A grand example of what happens when you don’t understand the type of player that you are signing.

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