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Cristiano Ronaldo, top scorer in football history

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As a matter of fact, the title of this article is not completely accurate because the Portuguese has just equaled the record with his goal against US Sassuolo and is tied with the Austria-born striker, Josef Bican, who scored 759 goals in his professional career, the same as currently Cristiano Ronaldo has, but of course the Juventus player is still active.

In the match against US Sassuolo in the last weekend, with the game almost over, Cristiano Ronaldo would score a goal with a strong shot by his right foot that led him to equal the record for the top scorer in the history of football.

This goal with the right foot would be the 488th of his career while 138 of his goals would be with his “bad” foot, the left one, and 131 would be scored with his head in addition to 2 more goals that were scored with other parts of the body.

At club level, Cristiano has scored 657 goals that are distributed in 5 goals in Sporting CP, when he was just making his professional debut and playing as a winger, 118 goals with Manchester United, where Sir Alex Ferguson began to wake up the scorer within the Portuguese, 450 in Real Madrid CF, scoring more goals than games (450 goals in 438 games) and 84 in Juventus. To this must be added the 102 goals with the Portugal national team.

The record equaled by Cristiano Ronaldo dates back to the 1950s where striker Josef Bican scored 730 club-level goals in 459 games, which equates to an average of 1.6 goals per game throughout his career, something so incredible that not even Lionel Messi, Cristiano, Gerd Muller or Pelé can come close to.

Bican played for the national teams of Austria, Czechoslovakia and Bohemia and Moravia with which he scored 14, 12 and 3 goals, respectively. Definitely a player who deserves his own article so that the public knows the story of a lethal scorer.

Cristiano Ronaldo had already surpassed Pelé’s record of 757 goals, although in the case of the Brazilian, there is a lot of varying information depending on the source considered. For example, Pelé himself claims he has scored 1283 goals. Something similar happens with Romario, who attributes to himself having scored more than 1000 goals in his career, although he seems to take into account friendly matches and youth matches.

Beyond that, according to the governing body of world football, FIFA, Cristiano Ronaldo has equaled the record for top scorer and he is quite likely going to surpass it. It is worth pointing out that Messi has 730 goals in his career so the record that Cristiano can break can be surpassed in a few years by the Argentine. That says a lot about the kind of players both have been.

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