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Dana White: “Khabib Will Fight One More Time”

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Dana White, UFC chairman, mentioned that Khabib Nurmagomedov will come back to the UFC for a final fight before retiring for good.

Last weekend, Khabib Nurmagomedov shocked the mixed-martial art world announcing his retirement at the UFC254. After a convincing win, as usual, against Justin Gaethje by submission, Khabib said that he wanted to retire to honor the promise made to his mother of not fighting anymore.

Khabid, few hours after the fight at UFC 254, posted a video on Instagram hinting at the fact that he may become a coach following the steps of his father, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov. However, yesterday Dana White, the chairman of UFC, speaking at the Zach Gelb show said that Khabib may consider come back for a perfect 30-0. The record of Khabib stands at 29-0 which means 29 victories and 0 defeats.

When asked if he knew about the imminent retirement of Khabib, Dana White commented during the show, “I wasn’t, I sitting there going oh my god, you have to be kidding me. But, I’ll tell you this, and I haven’t told anybody this yet, Khabib and I have been talking. He was completely emotional that night when he got through that fight, I have a feeling he might go for 30-0”.

So, according to White, it seems that Khabib overreacted with that announcement because of his feelings and emotions. It does not seem a cold decision taken days before after careful consideration. Dana White continued “I think he is not going to retire. His dad wanted him to get to 30-0. I think he wants to honor his dad’s wish”.

At the moment, it is impossible to know whether Khabib will change his mind. Maybe not even Khabib in person knows what to do right now. However, we certainly hope to see again the “Eagle” inside the octagon. In the meantime, we also hope that Georges St-Pierre will keep training because…

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