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Daniel Dubois’ medical bulletin does not look good at all

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As revealed by Frank Warren, Daniel Dubois (15-1, 14 KOs) has suffered a fracture to the left orbital bone and some nerve damage to the eye during his match against Joe Joyce (12-0, 11 KOs) last Saturday. The full picture of the damage is not clear yet and doctors need further clinic tests to assess whether to surgically intervene or not.

Frank Warren, Dubois’ promoter, did not bring us good news after the match between Daniel “Dynamite” Dubois and Joe Joyce last Saturday at the Church House in Westminster. DDD has suffered extensive damages to his left eye which has been targeted massively from the fifth round onward by the former Olympic silver medal 2016, Joe Joyce with precise jabs. It was one of those jabs which convinced Daniel Dubois to surrender in the tenth round.

It could have been a great opportunity for Dubois to continue his path towards the top 10 heavyweight boxers and commenced to talk about big fights. Unfortunately, the match did not go as many commentators (including us) were expecting. The challenge between the two British heavyweights was valid for five titles (the WBC Silver, the WBO International, the Commonwealth, the British and especially the European one), has decreed as winner the Joe Joyce, “Juggernaut” of Putney.

But, as mentioned before, the bad news is not over. Daniel Dubois has suffered an orbital socket fracture as well as nerve damage to his left eye as confirmed by initial medical examination conducted in-between Saturday and Sunday when the British heavyweight boxer spent the night in the hospital. Now, further medical assessment is expected, and it will be conducted by specialists who need to understand whether a surgery is required and, overall, what such an injury may affect the future career of Dubois.

Daniel Dubois has been harshly criticized by the boxing commentators for the way he decided to surrender. Among them, Dillian Whyte, potential heavyweight rival, defined DDD as a “coward”. A couple of days ago, in our article we join the chorus highlighting the fact that quitting is not on an option on a ring despite we are aware that fear can strike at any time in the most unpredictable ways. It is not our intent to criticize anyone. We just wanted to understand the limits of DDD. We have seen in the past boxers carrying on matches in much worse conditions.

However, we are also aware that, if those are the damages suffered by Dubois, it could have been a wise decision to “retire”, recover and come back avoiding compromising permanently the career. Already, the damages could adversely impact the career of Daniel Dubois since his left eye may have been partially compromised and not have a full recovery. In any event, we will wait for further medical bulletins on his conditions and we will keep you posted. We wish DDD a speedy full recovering hoping to see him again in perfect conditions back in a ring. Good luck, Dynamite!

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