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DeAndre Baker signed with Kansas City Chiefs after legal case dropped

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deandre baker signed with chiefs case dropped deepersport

DeAndre Baker is a former first round pick for the New York Giants but was cut very soon after because of legal trouble, a common mistake for both active and former NFL players alike.

With the draft in April, Baker was cut shortly into May for an alleged role in an incident. This said incident caused him to be under fire for multiple felony charges, and nobody wants that on your team. This incident occurred at a party in Florida, where DeAndre Baker was accused of pulling out a firearm and demanding everyone at the party to give him their cash, watches, and other valuables. Of course, these are no small allegations, and Baker was quickly arrested for multiple counts of robbery with a firearm.

However, what was quite interesting was earlier this week, the prosecutors announced that they had officially dropped all charges after the victims and witnesses became uncooperative and tarnished their credibility. This is an oddly suspicious occurrence, but one that comes out in DeAndre Baker’s favor. This is because the attorney William Dean had paid three of his witnesses to give an altered story of the scene, which of course completely falsifies the evidence of the trial.

DeAndre Baker’s defense attorneys claim victory stating that the witnesses had planned to use Baker for extortion from Day 1, to get some of his money after being the first round draft pick. Now that all of this legal stuff is over, the Kansas City Chiefs signed Baker this very week. It will be interesting to see how this move plays out, and if Baker can keep himself out of future legal trouble!

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