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Dennis Man, Parma’s new Romanian magician

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An unknown talent for many, a big promise from Eastern Europe for some. Romanian attacking midfielder Dennis Man has signed for Serie A side Parma. And, while this may not be a very significant piece of news, the reality is a lot more interesting. We’re talking about one of the best young talents from Eastern Europe.

Dennis Man is a name that most football fans are not familiar with, but there is a nice chance that, if things go well, you may get to heard about him quite often in the future. And that could start with his recent transfer deal to Serie A side Parma for 15 million euros Dennis man was playing for Romania’s biggest football team, FCSB.

The 22-year-old attacking midfielder, who can also play as a winger, actually started in the small club FC UTA Arad back in the 2015/16 season and started to make a name for himself until FCSB decided to sign him after that season. As an interesting fact, Dennis Man actually did a trial with Manchester City back in 2014 and even played a game for the academy, but he wasn’t signed. It was in Romania’s big club where Dennis Man really started to thrive and his numbers started to get better in every single season. And despite having played so far only half a season, his goals were already better than any of the previous years, with 17 goals in 20 games, which is quite remarkable when you factor in that he is not a natural striker.

There was interest from a lot of clubs to get his signing, but it was Parma who won the deal and the ones who decided to bet on him. After all, for a club like Parma, paying 15 million euros is a big deal and they suppose to expect a great return from Dennis Man, especially when you consider that he is the most expensive transfer move in the history of Romanian football. Of course, time is going to be needed for Dennis Man to adapt because going from Romanian football to the Italian Serie A is always a very daunting challenge. However, that is where I think Parma could be a very good place for him: a small club where Dennis Man can have a starting role and even go on to become the main man if he delivers. There is room for him to express himself and improve in one of Europe’s biggest leagues.

This deal could go wrong and Dennis Man could be a monumental bust. But it is exciting to see young talent having their chance to prove themselves at top level football.

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