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Dennis Rodman in serious financial troubles

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dennis rodman financial troubles deepersport

Dennis Rodman is one of those characters that will always be talked about. As top-notch player in the NBA history or as flamboyant character in his private life, people wants to know what it is going on with Dennis Rodman. He is just too interesting and a perfect target for sports gossip news.

However, what we are about to report is pretty sad since Dennis Rodman is about to go broke. Despite the amount of money Rodman made during his basketball’s career, it seems that his lifestyle is just too expensive. Rodman is a man who has always lived a borderline life, and often beyond. The Worm, won two NBA titles with the Detroit Pistons and three with the Chicago Bulls, has been the icon of transgression and adventures of all kinds: from his relationship with Madonna (who offered him USD20 million to get pregnant), to the training he skipped to take part in a wrestling match, to the stories with pornstars up to the controversial friendship (later evaporated) with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Indeed, a great collection of fun.

Sometime ago, Toni Kukoc, a former teammate of Dennis Rodman at the Chicago Bulls mentioned that he only went out once to party with Rodman despite spending together 3 years as teammates. The reason, according to the Croatian champion, was that it was impossible to copy with his partying pace. One of Kukoc’s anecdotes includes when they went to a bar together and Rodman ordered 40 glasses of vodka. Kukoc thought that Rodman was waiting for other friends to come, actually no. All the drinks were for them… Kukoc said that that night the entire bar partied at Rodman’s expenses for several hours.

According to “The last dance”, the successful Netflix series that recounted the last year (1997-1998) of the Chicago Bulls era, it was said several times that Rodman was one of the highest paid basketball players of the team: USD4.5 million per season equal to almost USD30 million only from his salary. Well, this wealth has almost all been burned. As reported on the Italian website, “according to Celebrity Net Worth, Dennis Rodman’s current assets” are equal to USD500,000. Practically nothing compared to the mountain of money he had at his disposal. There have also been times when he confided that he didn’t even have the resources to pay child support.

According to Sports Illustrated, the reason for this financial trouble does not come only from his lifestyle but also from a scam. In fact, also Rodman ended up in the network of Peggy Ann Fulford, a woman who pretended to be a financial advisor boasting fake titles at Harvard and fake achievements on the NYSE. Fulford was introduced to Rodman by a mutual friend in 2000 and since then the two became inseparable. Rodman even thanked her during the ceremony of entry into the Hall of Fame in 2011 describing her as “one of the family”. However, shortly afterwards, the situation began to degenerate, and Rodman’s debts multiplied. Fulford said that the financial problems were caused by Dennis’ spending habits, so much so that she even managed to get full control of Rodman’s accounts.

In 2018 everything came to light and Fulford was sentenced to 10 years in jail for fraud. Despite being in jail, Fulford had caused serious financial damages to several investors including Dennis Rodman who is on the edge of going broke.

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