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Deontay Wilder, when a sore loser becomes “pathetic”

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In a video published few weeks ago through his Instagram profile, Deontay Wilder, former WBC champion, accused Tyson Fury of hiding a blunt object in his gloves that allowed him to get the victory and consequently the WBC belt. This is only the last of a long list of excuses.

Unless you are Rocky Marciano or Floyd Mayweather, losing is part of a boxer’s life. Soon or later it will come. Nobody likes losing and, the first defeat may be traumatizing for everyone especially when you think to be invincible. However, this is not a good reason to loss also the dignity and throw away an excellent career just because you are a sore loser.

This is what is happening to Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-1-1, 41KO) following the defeat against Tyson “Gipsy King” Fury (30-0-1, 21KO). The American and British fighters locked horns on December 1, 2018, in a beautiful fight which has ended in a draw. The guys met again last February 22 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with a different result: Tyson Fury took control of the ring since the beginning winning the bout for KTO in the 7th round. Tyson Fury’s performance was impeccable with a totally different strategy and approach from the first fight. If, after the first match, anybody had doubts, after Wilder vs Fury II everybody agree that Tyson Fury is simply better than Wilder as boxer.

Everybody except for Wilder who has come up with an incredible list of excuses to hide the truth: Tyson Fury belongs to a higher class of boxers. Starting from “my walk-in custom was too heavy” till the recent heavy accusations on his Instagram profile. Wilder mentioned that the boxing gloves of Tyson Fury had blunt objects inside, and his former coach, Mark Breland, conspired again him putting unknown substance in his drinking water. Allegedly, Breland and Tyson Fury’s team accomplished this plan together. In-between those pathetic excuses, Mark Breland has been accused by the American boxer to throw in the towel too early. Honestly, the towel has been thrown in way too late since Wilder could barely fight already after round 3.

We do not want to enter into details since we are fully aware that our readers are true enthusiasts of boxing and know every stage of a pre-fight rules. However, we want to remark that bandage and boxing gloves are duly examined by independent officials who sign on the bandage as well. One commissioner (in some cases more than one) is in the locker room to monitor the boxer. We could not check if that were the case but, in most top fights, the opponent team has the right to send in a “spy” in the opponent’s locker room to monitor that all the steps are taken following the rules.

Former superlightweight and welter world champion Ricky Hatton (45-3, 32KO), who is currently part of the team of the current WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, responded to those accusations. Hatton, annoyed by the controversy, advised Wilder to keep quiet and think about his career describing the excuses as “ridiculous”. Hatton added what we just expressed: tampering with gloves is impossible. Officials in the locker room sign the bandages, feel the gloves, touch them, put tape on them. It is impossible to put objects inside them, according to Ricky Hatton.

The former superlightweight and welter world champion continued saying that each member of the staff of Tyson Fury is a respected professional with a long and outstanding career. As such, it is insulting to be accused of cheating advising once again Wilder to shut his mouth and focus on his next fights.

Tyson Fury, in a recent interview, commented the accusation saying that he is not interested in suing Wilder for what he said but he does not want to have anything to do with him anymore. In other words, Tyson Fury has confirmed that the rematch will not ever happen since Wilder is not worth his time.

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