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Derek Brunson is confident ahead of the fight vs Kevin Holland

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Derek Brunson will fight against Kevin Holland next March 20, 2021 at the Fight Night. Recently, Brunson has mentioned that he can get a head start in this UFC middleweight bout despite Kevin Holland has performed excellently in the last fights.

Derek Brunson (21-7-0) will once again look to win against the odds when he faces one of MMA’s biggest rising stars, Kevin Holland (21-5-0). After taking Edmen Shahbazyan’s unbeaten streak away in August, Brunson is preparing to face Kevin Holland, 28-year-old American fighter, at UFC Fight Night on March 20.

In their upcoming bout, Kevin Holland is coming off an incredible 2020 with 5 wins in a row, including the knockout inflicted to Ronaldo Souza (26-9-1). However, according to a recent interview, Derek Brunson expects to start off ahead of him when they will lock horns in the Octagon. The two fighters already know each other, as Derek Brunson tried to recruit Holland as a training partner when he was preparing to face Israel Adesanya at UFC 230 in November 2018. Brunson said the young Holland went from complimenting him a lot to then challenging him on numerous occasions only a couple of years later.

Brunson stated that he is favorite against Holland since he is far superior to him in all aspects of fighting such as cardio, wrestling, striking and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. Brunson continued telling the journalists that Kevin Holland used to compliment him a lot when Brunson was training for his fight against Israel Adesanya (20-0-0) a couple of years ago. “Man, you look good, good job” and “Oh man, lucky you” were some of the compliments Holland were reserving for Brunson. However, we all know that competition is part of the MMA world and still according to Brunson, the relations between the two partners collapsed. Kevin Holland has commenced to challenge him and have fewer sweet words for Brunson.

Considering that the fight is schedule for the second half of March, I bet the level of trash-talking between the two “old friends” may skyrocket soon.

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