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Derek Carr ‘Sick of Losing’ after Second Straight Loss

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You may or may not know that Derek Carr is the quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders, and he has been for a handful of years.

The Raiders got a boost a few years ago whenever the franchise announced that legendary coach Jon Gruden was coming out of retirement to become the head coach of the football team. At first, this was met with excitement, of course, however it ultimately led to disappointment from high aspirations that simply were not manifested by the Raiders’ play on the field.

On the sidelines, the franchise was also making interesting moves by trading away star assets such as Amari Cooper. As a quarterback, you can only imagine the frustration that must be felt when you learn your number one wide receiver has just been traded away with little to show for it. However, the Raiders’ struggles have not stopped there, and have carried over into this current NFL season.

Although the team has been struggling as a whole, individually Derek Carr has put up record numbers. For example, this past week he broke the all time franchise record for passing touchdowns. Even though he broke this record during the game, the Raiders still came out on the losing end. Which led to Carr airing his frustration during his post game interview when asked about his record setting night.

Loosely, he said that he was excited to break the record and it was a moment he had always dreamed of, but he was tired of losing. He built upon this statement by saying that when he works as hard as he does, it builds to his frustration upon losing the game. It will be interesting to watch the road ahead and see if Derek Carr’s future is to remain with the Las Vegas Raiders.

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