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“Diego Replaced Cocaine with Alcohol”, Maradona’s Doctor

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Alfredo Cahe, the doctor who has been taking care of Maradona for ten years: “Similar conditions to when he was admitted to Cuba”.

After the operation to remove a blood clot in the brain, Diego Armando Maradona will stay in the hospital in Olivos, at least until next Monday, November 9. It was announced by the personal doctor of the Argentine champion, Leopoldo Luque: “We are sure that Diego will stay here until Monday,” he explained to journalists outside the hospital in northern Buenos Aires. The doctor added that patient is Maradona’s condition needs treatment and he can be let go.

Leopoldo Luque added that Diego did not agree to remain in the hospital. However, after insisting, the situation has improved a lot. Maradona is expected to complete the whole treatment in the hospital. If on the one hand there are confirmations and reassurances about the “constant progress and the excellent post-operative course” of Diego Maradona, on the other hand the spectrum of alcohol addiction reappears.

Alfredo Cahe, former specialist who treated Maradona for a decade during the most difficult period of the Pibe de Oro, spoke about the problem: “His condition today is very reminiscent of when he was forced to go to Cuba to detoxify from cocaine” said Cahe. “Maradona replaced drugs with alcohol. So he is unmanageable”.

And the confirmation to his words seems to come from the latest medical bulletin issued by the Argentine hospital: “The patient is progressing well and does not present any neurological trauma, however Maradona has presented episodes of confusion and symptoms related to a withdrawal crisis, including severe sweating and sudden mood swings with attacks of anger”.

This is why, despite the desire to return home, Maradona will remain hospitalized at least until Monday and no new medical bulletin is expected for the weekend.

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