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Djokovic: “Sinner Has the Potential to Be a Top Player”

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Jannik Sinner landed among the top100 tennis players in the world last October 2019. Simultaneously, Sinner won also the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan, Italy highlighting that being top 100 so young was not a pure coincidence.

Jannik Sinner continued his climb arriving into the world top 50 just before the 2020 Roland Garros (held in October due to Covid-19 pandemic postponement). On the way to the top 50 ranking, Sinner already beat top 20 players such as Gael Monfils. However, his performance in the French Grand Slam attracted the attention of many tennis enthusiasts particularly during his match won again Alexander Zverev.

The current no. 1 in the world, Novak Djokovic, has recently expressed positive comments on the young Italian talent. According to Nole, Sinner may be a future top player in the ATP world. “I definitely see a lot of quality in the young players. Sinner definitely possesses a game that is powerful and is with a lot of quality, and you can say he has the potential to be a top player of the world”. Djokovic continued, “Sinner is definitely, I would say, the leader of the guys younger than Zverev and Tsitsipas, who I think by many experts’ opinions the next ‘top’ top player”.

Despite being described as the best talented youngster in the ATP circuit, both Zverev and Tsitsipas are struggling to enter into the Olympus as Grand Slams winners.

According to Djokovic, top players need several requirements and a lot of fine-tuning before establishing as world-class players. “Many things have to come together in a career and life of a tennis player in order for him to be able to find his best and maximize his potential and to thrive every single year. And to endure, because I think you have a much better chance to have a great Grand Slam or a great season. But can you endure for three, four, five, 10 years? Fifteen years?”, Djokovic said.

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