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Does Harry Kane need a trophy to reach a higher status?

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Even though he has scored a lot of goals on a regular basis for Tottenham, one big source of criticism for Harry Kane and the Spurs team he plays in is that they haven’t won a trophy so far, undermining what they have accomplished and using that as an argument to claim they are not that good. Is that true?

There’s no need to highlight what Harry Kane has done in the English Premier League in the last seven years; the man has been an absolute monster in terms of goalscoring output and he has been Spurs’ best player by a mile with both Mauricio Pochettino and Jose Mourinho as managers.

But the fact that this group of Tottenham players hasn’t been able to win trophies together has been a major source of criticism to them and to Pochettino when he was the manager, with a lot of claims that Mourinho was hired to get a trophy but any means necessary. So the question is: Does Tottenham’s lack of trophies undermines Harry Kane’s career and status in world football?

It can be a bit of both cases. After all, Kane has proven time and time again that he is a phenomenal goalscorer, being capable of dragging Spurs to victories when they are not performing and also capable contributing in different aspects of the game, as this current season has shown him as one of the English Premier League’s best at assists.

On the other hand, trophies are not only a reward but they also contribute to solidify a project and the careers of the people involved in said projects. And when you look at this group of Tottenham players, Kane included, you start to wonder what is not working for them simply because they can’t reach the finish line when it comes to winning.

Be that as it may, Kane has a chance to end these debates when Tottenham face Manchester City in this season’s final of the Carabao Cup.

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