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Dominik Szoboszlai, the dream of Arsenal and half Europe

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The star that is enchanting all of Europe has officially ended up on the Gunners’ radar. Arsenal, according to reports from Mirror Sport, has started to take its first steps towards Dominik Szoboszlai, trying to beat the other top European football clubs which seem more and more interested in the Hungarian rising star.

It will not be an easy task since all the top clubs in Europe are making enquiries and contacting his agent. We are talking about Dominik Szoboszlai, Hungarian midfielder currently playing for FC Red Bull Salzburg in Austria. Despite he is only 20 years old, Szoboszlai not only has already won 3 Austrian Bundesliga and 2 Austrian cups but also, he had already played several games in European competitions as well as in his National team (including the qualifying goal to Euro 2021).

Individually, he was voted as best player of the last season in Austria. So far, Szoboszlai has scored 22 goals in 74 appearances. With a market value of 25 million euros according to Transfermarkt website, Szoboszlai is a pure versatile talent able to play as left midfielder, his favorite position, and, eventually, as central midfielder. Definitely with an offensive attitude, several football commentators mentioned that Szoboszlai remind a young De Bruyne.

Other than his absolute football skills, what make Szoboszlai even more appealing is the release clause in his contract with Salzburg: he can be purchased for his real value, 25 million euros. Partially, this is one of the reasons why the entire European football elite is ready to send in the offer. Among them, the competition of Real Madrid, seriously interested in the talent of Salzburg, is to be feared. Few days ago, his agent said that Dominik Szoboszlai is keen to move to a team where he can grow more.

Apparently, Barcelona, the other powerhouse of the Spanish football, has not shown (yet?) any interest. On the contrary, Italian teams seem to be proactive as well. Both Inter Milan and AC Milan have commenced the initial formalities expressing interest in the player and contacting Salzburg and the agent. Borussia Dortmund is closing in as well, but the biggest threats come from the English Premier League’s team. Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool are queuing up to submit the highest bid.

For whatever it can count, as of today, Arsenal has shown to be more determined than other teams and highly interested in the Hungarian talent. Mikael Arteta, Arsenal coach, has firmly indicated Szoboszlai as a priority and must-buy player to Arsenal’s management. There are doubts that the transfer would occur in January; most likely, we have to wait for the summer transfer session. However, given the skills and the price, whoever buys this talent certainly will not regret it.

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