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Eagles Superfan Spends Life Savings on Game Day Cave

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Barry “The Hatchet” Vagnoni quite literally convinced his wife to spend their whole life savings to make a “cave” for Philadelphia Eagles fans on game day.

Barry “The Hatchet” Vagnoni is definitely a die hard fan because he spent his money on just one room in their house for game day fun. This 73 year old said he got his inspiration from the movie “Field of Dreams” saying if he built an out of this world sanctuary eventually the Eagles fans will come, not to mention this spot also has a full bar. If you’re interested in this wild almost crazy experience it is only located in Reading, PA.

“The passion for the Eagles came from my dad — he loved the Philadelphia Eagles,” Barry tells us. “He wasn’t over the top like I am. I’ve grown into a coo-coo. On game day, I have the energy of a 16-year-old. I’m running around the room and I’m dancing.” I would suggest having the energy of Vagnoni for this one because if you go into his sanctuary without this mindset he might do one of two things, number one kick you out or number two transfer his crazy energy over to you. If you love football and especially are an Eagles fan then I think you should fit in pretty well with him.

Grab some beers and some of your favorite Eagles fans and friends and go visit Mr. Vagnoni and his wife. I have to admit this might have been one of the craziest things I have ever seen but, at least, the man is happy. Mr. Vagnoni had to convince his wife to do this in addition to their house so let’s hope they are still on talking terms because this right here is insane. Mr. Vagnoni also stated that it can seat a lot of people so go have a blast with all your favorite NFL fans.

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