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Earl Thomas, former Seattle Seahawks LB, finally divorce

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Once a star linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks, Earl Thomas has really fallen from stardom hard. During his time on the Seahawks, Earl Thomas was one of the center pieces on the world renowned “Legion of Boom”.

This group was essential in aiding the Seahawks to a super bowl victory and it certainly could not have been done without Earl Thomas. Unfortunately, these times have passed, and Earl Thomas has really fallen from stardom. Within the past year, Thomas has become famous again for all the wrong reasons. At one point, Earl Thomas and his brother Seth Thomas were caught cheating on their wives with two other women.

This led to Earl Thomas being held at gunpoint by his wife which, of course, is not an ideal marriage. Although this happened in April, the couple still stayed together to work things out, even after his wife was arrested for the incident. About a month ago, the couple celebrated his wife Nina’s 31st birthday. Thomas posted a very heartfelt message on Instagram to celebrate the occasion. With all of this public love between the couple, nobody expected what would come next.

Within the past week, it was announced that Nina had gone to court and officially filed divorce paperwork. After their rough history, it makes sense, but is still a shock after seemingly being fine a month ago. What also makes the situation interesting is the three kids the couple share together. In the court filing, Nina asked for limited custody of the children, saying Thomas does not have the parenting skills to take care of children anytime soon. It is quite unfortunate for this divorce to occur, but we only wish the best for Earl Thomas and Nina in their respective futures.

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