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Ferrari’s 2020 performance: “Nothing short of a disaster”

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Many hearts of Ferrari fans were broken after watching the teams’ Formula 1 performance this year. For the Italian team’s enormous global fan base, the races of 2020 season have been an agony to watch.

Ferrari’s spectacular implosion has been totally exposed, to the embarrassment of the team’s management.  Rage and incredulity have turned to meek acceptance inside the Ferrari garage after a disastrous performance at Formula 1 races this year.

F1 expert and seasoned commentator Davide Valsecchi, while summarizing Ferrari’s 2020 under-performance, said “Ferrari’s wretched 2020 campaign is nothing short of a disaster.” Ferrari’s CEO, Louis Camilleri, is in disbelief at being stuck in a black hole with no end in sight.

Davide Valsecchi, while talking to the F1 Nation Podcast said, “In Italy, everyone is pushing ‘Ferrari, Ferrari, Ferrari!’ and the only one that is winning, at the moment, is AlphaTauri, that is Italian too!” He further added, “But Ferrari is not keeping up the level at the moment and I am a bit disappointed about it”.

The main broadcaster of Formula 1 – Sky F1’s commentator, Martin Brundle, while analyzing Ferrari’s performance said “For Ferrari, it’s a disaster, because if you consider that: you have one driver, Sebastian Vettel, who is a four-time F1 World Champion, who at the moment is not living up to expectations at all; the other one, Charles Leclerc, is one of the biggest and greatest talents of the last 20 years in Formula 1”. He further added, “The car is too slow. It’s very disappointing”.

Ferrari is all over the place and appears to have no clue on how to get out of this rut. There are a multitude of issues which are troubling: the car is not fast enough, constant mechanical issues, feuding team members, etc.  Ferrari has made sudden switch from being the “God of the Straights” in 2019, to the slowest in the speed traps this 2020 season.

While sharing his thoughts on, David Croft commented, “The most bothered person in the Formula 1 paddock right now is the Spanish Rally driver. Carlos Sainz Jr. who already inked a deal to race for the Ferrari team in 2021.”

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