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Field of Dreams remake to increase MLB fan base

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Once clearly the national pastime of the United States, Major League Baseball has taken a backseat to the NBA and NFL. In attempts to increase popularity of the game, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has scheduled games in new places over the past few seasons.

In 2016, the Marlins and Braves played in Fort Bragg. The following year, the home of the Little League World Series, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, hosted a game.  MLB has even gone international, having played games in Japan, Mexico, Australia, and London.

The next stop, in what I believe it could be potentially a brilliant marketing strategy, it the Field of Dreams Game scheduled on August 12, 2021.  The temporary stadium that will hold 8,000 seats was build next to the property used in Dyersville, Iowa in the Field of Dream movie produced in 1989.  Just like in the movie, the Chicago White Sox will be featured and will take on the New York Yankees. 

Scheduled to be televised, this game will hopefully have the benefit of fans in the seats, unlike last season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The premise of the Field of Dreams movie is based off the 1982 novel Shoeless Joe.  What would make this event all the more special is for both teams, particularly the White Sox, to don the old-style uniforms of the Black Sox from the 1910s. 

To make things even more dramatic, the White Sox players should appear from the corn fields out in left field much like Shoeless Joe Jackson.  The game definitely must be played during the day since no lights were present in Major League stadiums until two decades after the Black Sox scandal in 1919.

Although several minor league teams have played in the state of Iowa, including the current Triple-A team of the Chicago Cubs, the state has never hosted a Major League game. Ideas for other locations for games in the future include Hawaii, Alaska sometime during the summer months, and Korea.

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