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Finally free: William Saliba leaves Arsenal for Nice

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After four months of bizarre decision-making, William Saliba is leaving Arsenal on a loan deal for Nice on Ligue 1. Despite paying 25 million pounds for his services, the former St. Etienne man didn’t play for Mikel Arteta’s side and was actually isolated from the rest of the team, to the point that Saliba wasn’t even registered in the English Premier League.

In what was one of the weirdest situations in English football right now, we finally have a resolution: young French center-back William Saliba is going to join Ligue 1 side Nice on a loan deal, leaving Arsenal for at least six months.

As we have mentioned before, William Saliba’s situation was extremely curious because the Gunners spent a lot of money to get his signing and then went on to not even registering for this season’s English Premier League. And even more bizarre is the fact that he hasn’t been playing in other competitions like the UEFA Europa League or the Carabao Cup.

There were rumors of manager Mikel Arteta not being pleased with his performances in training, but there are reports that said that it was down to the multiple dressing room issues that have happened at Arsenal in recent years and Saliba was part of those issues. The interesting part about this situation is that it is a loan deal, so Arsenal might be willing to change their thoughts about William Saliba if things go in a positive direction at Nice or perhaps if they finally decide to let go of Mikael Arteta in case the results don’t improve.

Regardless of that, one thing that is always sad is to see young football talent being wasted and we’re glad to see that Saliba is getting a chance to go back to perform on a professional level. Perhaps a loan deal at Nice would get his career back in track. We will have to wait and see for the remainder of the season.

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