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Former Griezmann’s agent, “Messi is a Monarch”

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According to Eric Olhats, former agent and friend of Antoine Griezmann, the French footballer could perform as expected at Barcelona due to the difficult relations with Leo Messi.

The relationship between the French forward, who arrived at Barcelona in the summer of 2019, and the Argentine champion, never took off, according to Eric Olhats, the ex-football agent of Antoine Griezmann. Olhats mentioned that Leo Messi’s attitude towards Griezmann has always been “regrettable” since day 1. Apparently, Messi blamed, on several occasions, on “le petit diable” lack of results and performances. Olhats said that Leo Messi is an “emperor and monarch” inside the locker room of Barcelona.      

The French superstar, paid 120 million euro, has not performed as expected. Or, at least, Griezmann has not been performing as he did during the excellent years at Atletico Madrid or the French national team. Last season, Griezmann scored only 15 goals in 48 appearances. As mentioned, according to Olhats, it is Messi’s fault since he has a word on every situation at Barcelona and Messi has never approved the arrival of Griezmann to Barcelona.

It seems that Messi did not talk to him creating the base for a bad adaptation to Barcelona’s life. In part, Messi blamed on Griezmann to have prevented the return to Barcelona of his friend and former teammate Neymar. Olhart continued his interview with France Football adding that it is the club and its management to blame, not Messi. “It is the club that is sick, not him [Messi]”.

Recently, Antoine Griezmann has issues also with Ronald Koeman about his role in the team. Despite the situation seems solved between the player and the coach, Barcelona does not seem to be that happy place usually described by many. Moreover, what mentioned by Eric Olhats reflects the words of Quique Setien, former coach of Barcelona, in a recent interview about Messi’s attitude.

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