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Frank Lampard and the lack of consistency of Chelsea

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Chelsea were the absolute winners of the transfer window, strengthening heavily while other teams were struggling. But the current season has shown two sides of the team: a very compact and effective side and one that really struggles when they are put to the test. And Frank Lampard needs to figure out this situation quite soon.

Frank Lampard’s tenure at Chelsea could be defined with the word “duality”. In his two teams at the club so far, Chelsea have been either quite effective or painfully bad. This was something that became quite common last season, and it was understandable due to the transfer ban affecting the club with the consequence of not been able to purchase right footballers. Due to these circumstances, Frank Lampard needed to rely on a group of youngsters without a lot of top football experience. However, this season Chelsea invested massively in new players and the results seem to be the same.

When you have the likes of Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner, Kai Havertz and Christian Pulisic (although the latter was already part of the squad), there is a lot of demands to make it work, but Lampard has struggled massively in that regard this season. A good example of this is how Chelsea recently lost 1-0 to Everton this weekend and it was yet another game where the Blues couldn’t beat a top 10 club of the English Premier League.

Why is this? Well, there are a couple of reasons. Number one: Frank Lampard has never been the greatest tactician when it comes to organizing his defense and it shows in many different situations throughout the season, even though Mendy, their goalkeeper, has proven to be quite solid and a welcomed addition to the squad.

Despite that, due to how unpredictable the English Premier League has been this season, Chelsea are still close to the first places in the table and they still have a chance to win the Premier League for the title (despite we doubt so). As a result, Frank Lampard needs to use this window of opportunity to find a degree of consistency since this year whoever achieves consistency first may have much more chances of bringing home the title.

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