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Giannis Antetokounmpo on the move?

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With this NBA season coming towards a close and the Milwaukee Bucks missing yet another finals appearance, one can only begin to understand the frustration boiling among the team.

Not only have the Bucks missed the finals in recent years, but Giannis Antetokounmpo has actually earned back to back Most Valuable Player awards for his performance in the past two seasons. This leaves fans wondering, when you have the best player in the league, how are you not performing at the next level.

Another common question is, “What do the Bucks need to win a championship?”. However most fans are not worried about what will add to their playoff chances, but instead what will change with the team. Could another superstar be added to the team to boost Giannis into a finals matchup, or does Giannis even want to stay on this team for another year?

Many commentators speculate that he will heavily consider leaving the team, however there are no obvious alternative teams at the moment. One sports writer suggested he move to the Golden State Warriors, similar to Kevin Durant’s move which was not met with much respect. Any player could move to the Golden State Warriors and likely win an NBA Championship at this point, as long as the team remains healthy.

Of course, Giannis has yet to make any comments about his plans for next season which makes complete sense. He just finished playing this season and would want to take some time off to go home and spend time with his family as would any athlete. However he did state that after his second MVP award that he did not want to be called a MVP until he won a championship, only adding to this speculation.

It will be fun to see what arises from this speculation as any time a player as good as Giannis switches teams, the entire NBA changes.

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