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Goodbye David De Gea, hello Dean Henderson

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David De Gea has been Manchester United’s goalkeeper for almost a decade, but in recent seasons De Gea has put his place in doubt. Also, his recent blunder against RB Leipzig in the third goal could be the final straw as the young English goalkeeper Dean Henderson is waiting for a chance to defend Manchester United’s goal.

None of the Manchester United’s players covered themselves with glory after losing 3-2 to RB Leipzig in a do-or-die game in the last fixture of the UEFA Champions League group stage. More than that, some of these players had such dire performances that their future in the squad can and should be put into question.

One of them is definitely David De Gea, the 30-year old Red Devils’s goalkeeper, who hasn’t been the same since the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Since that fateful game against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal in the group stage, De Gea has been struggling with form, committing more mistakes than he ever did before in his career. While he looked far better this season, almost pushing for a comeback, recent weak performances against Istanbul, Southampton and now Leipzig has him once again in the spotlight but not in a good way.
His lack of movement against Justin Kluivert in the third goal against RB Leipzig was a clear example of De Gea’s lack of authority as a goalkeeper. And while some people have criticized defender Harry Maguire, the reality is that this has been an almost chronic problem with De Gea throughout the years.

All of this has been discussed even more this season due to Dean Henderson, 23-year old, returning to his boyhood club. The Manchester United academy product went on loan to several English clubs to grow and, after an outstanding last season with Sheffield United, Henderson has been challenging David De Gea for a place in the squad. In his recent performances, Henderson has looked a lot more comfortable and secure than the Spaniard has in recent years.

It’s true that David De Gea was probably Manchester United’s best player in that dreadful 2013-2018 period at the club, but his decline has been costing the team a lot of games and Henderson is a young and promising academy product that has been proving his worth in several teams to finally get a chance here. Not only that, but he has been quite solid and reliable, which is something that a goalkeeper has to be. Overall, perhaps it’s time for De Gea to give his place to Dean Henderson.

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