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Memphis Grizzlies’ matches postponement raises questions

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The NBA reported that the next three games for the Memphis Grizzlies starting with Friday night’s game against the Portland Trailblazers have been postponed. The other games postponed due to NBA’s  Health and Safety Protocols include Sunday and Monday’s games against the Sacramento Kings.

There is growing concern about the direction NBA is heading with now 20 total postponements. The Memphis Grizzlies are involved with four of them. The ultimate goal is to make sure every member of the Grizzlies remains healthy. From a basketball point of view, it’s a tough time to miss games if you are a member of the team, interrupting a hot streak of five straight wins.

While postponements have been more regular than hoped, it’s becoming a new normal. The NBA is trying hard to get through a full season with Covid-19 still a problem.  The end of last season went smoothly due to the “bubble”, but it’s unrealistic for NBA to do such again for the remainder of the season. Keeping all teams confined for that long in one location would not work and the majority of players would likely opt out. It must be noted that the Memphis Grizzlies have only one player who tested positive for Covid-19, but the league is erring on the side of caution. The last the league wants is for the team to resume play too soon, which could possibly spread the virus, causing a whirlwind of problems. The Grizzlies have a chance to play again on the 27th against the Chicago Bulls.

My guess is the NBA will find a way to get the 72-game schedule that was implemented finished one way or another. Yes, there will be games suspended. Yes, there will always be games with only eight available players per side, providing a watered-down version of the NBA. However, the league will do everything it can do finish the season on time.

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