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Gunnersaurus is back at the Emirates Stadium!

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A few months ago, the news of the dismissal of Jerry Quay, better known as Gunnersaurus, Arsenal’s mascot, after 27 years of service, infuriated the Arsenal’s fans. The mascot was fired due to a spending review at Emirates Stadium following the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, as announced by the management of Arsenal on Twitter, the historic mascot will officially return to cheer for the Gunners despite the absence of fans. In this whole story, which was resolved with a happy ending, Mesut Ozil, Gunners’ forward, was involved by the unhappy fans who objected that Ozil was paid but Gunnersaurus was not.

In order to try to placate the riot, the German footballer offered to pay the salary of the mascot out of his own pocket. Finally, as mentioned, the situation now seems to be quite and Gunnersaurus will be back at the Emirates Stadium soon.

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