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Harvey Barnes on United’s Radar if Jadon Sancho Move Fails

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The pursuit of Jadon Sancho by Manchester United is quite clear. But with the Covid pandemic weakening the financial muscles of most big European clubs, Manchester United is no different.

That Manchester United desperately wants to sign Jadon Sancho, 20-year old, is no secret. The Red Devils have been chasing after the British footballer for quite sometimes now. However, the impact of the Covid pandemic on football clubs have imposed a spending review. As a result, with Borussia Dortmund not willing to compromise on the asking price of Jadon Sancho, Manchester United may have to look elsewhere. It is irrelevant whether the tag price of more than Euro 120 Million for Sancho is too high or not. Here, it seems that the Man Utd’s board is not willing to spend so much for a player, whoever he is.

And if reports from the Sun are to be believed, Manchester United has already identified an alternative: Harvey Barnes, winger of Leicester City. The 22-year old British footballer can be signed for half of the price of Jardon Sancho. With approximately Euro 65 million, the Red Devils can bring home the English International who received his first cap for his country last October.

In view of this potential switch from Sancho to Barnes, what the Man Utd fans are asking is: is Barnes a good signing for the Red Devils? We believe that it appears so. Harvey Barnes is truly growing exponentially. Nobody thought that he could perform like this and be part of the national team just one year ago. And, overall, the first call-up to England is well-deserved. Brendan Rodgers is doing a hell of a job with the young British winger forced to improved himself constantly. It seems that recently the new challenge imposed by Rodgers is to play closer to the net in order to enhance his scoring skills.

If this task would have been successfully achieved by the end of the season, we would be witness to the birth of a superstar ready to take on a world-class football team. Barnes can play anywhere in the front line and versatility is a priceless gift in the modern football. And considering that Barnes has also played as center-forward for Leicester, he could slot in there for Manchester United as players like Rashford, Martial, and Fernandes play behind him.

Therefore, we truly believe that Harvey Barnes could an excellent signing for Manchester United in case the negotiation for the better option, Jardon Sancho, collapsed.

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