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Iago Aspas and the perfect land of Vigo

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There are players that have that special place where they belong. Regardless of level or the league they play in, there are players that put that special shirt on and all of the sudden they find that special groove. And one of the grandest examples of that is Spanish attacker Iago Aspas and his loving relationship with Celta de Vigo.

When Iago Aspas had an ill-fated season at Liverpool back in the 2014 and those poor performances were deepened next season in a loan deal with Sevilla, his career seemed to be going downhill and looked like a failed youngster. Another promising talent that didn’t live up to his potential.

Then Celta de Vigo showed up in his life once again. Iago Aspas’ relationship with Celta is something that has been quite special to see in Spanish football. Not only because it’s the club where he was formed, but also because of the fact that the Spanish international seems to find his best version in Galicia and has stayed loyal to that club after his downtime in the English Premier League.

Players come and go, managers come and go. Iago Aspas stays. And that is something that is worth taking into account: the fact that the former Sevilla game constantly stayed during some harsh times and that shows his own appreciation of the team that bet on him when everybody else gave up.

He has 161 goals in 363 games with Celta and he has been one of their best ever players, at least in terms of consistency. And since Coudet became their manager this season, he has found his best version again, scoring 9 goals in 17 games at 33 years old. Some players simply belong in some places and the case of Iago Aspas is a reminder that there is still romance in football and that there are still players willing to stay with the club they love. And Aspas has found the perfect land in Vigo.

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