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Ibrahim Sangare and an interesting path in the Netherlands

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It’s very weird to see football players in important league taking weird career paths when they are improving, getting better and gaining a lot more recognition. But there are times when we see players making very interesting decisions to further develop their careers and reach a higher standard of quality. And a very interesting case in that regard is the Ivorian midfielder Ibrahim Sangare.

When Ibrahim Sangare was a midfielder for Toulouse 2016 to 2020, he was gaining a lot of attention as one of Ligue 1’s top talents and he was touted to make the jump to a higher quality league such as La Liga or the English Premier League. But Sangare made a very different decision, signing instead for Eredivisie giants PSV Eindhoven.

This is an interesting case because football players, when they are doing well in a league of certain importance, tend to go to the biggest leagues, but Ibrahim Sangare decided to go to the Netherlands at the age of 23 and while that might sound like a weird decision at first, it can be quite a good decision for his career. Playing in the Eredivisie in this point of his career is going to give Sangare the chance to perform in a club with a lot more history and higher quality standards as PSV Eindhoven while also having the chance to perform in European tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa League.

Sangare also gets the possibility of challenging for trophies and to slowly develop his winning mentality, which is going to be key for his development throughout the years. This is something that a lot of different players fail to grasp and move too soon to the big clubs without having enjoyed a proper development.

It is too soon to tell if Ibrahim Sangare is going to live up to the expectations bestowed upon him, but we can’t wait to see if this move to the Netherlands was a good choice for his growth.

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