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Italian girl wakes up from a coma after listening to the voice of Totti

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The 19-year-old Ilenia Matilli, a great A.S. Roma supporter, had been in a coma for nine months due to the consequences of a car accident: after the encouragement of her idol, Ilenia improved and awakened.

The news reported by the Italian media outlet TGCom24 seems incredible but it is a pure reality. Nine months in the darkness until Francesco Totti made a miracle. “Ilenia don’t give up, you’ll make it, we are all with you”. Those are the words recorded in a video-message sent by the former captain of A.S. Roma.

The Roman girl – former Lazio player – was in a coma since last December when the young woman crashed into a tree on the Braccianese road in her car. In the accident a friend of hers died while she was urgently transported to the Gemelli Hospital in Rome. For her, the health conditions were always stationary, until the encouragement by video-message of the Roman legend, Francesco Totti.

For Ilenia Matilli a few seconds video meant more than months and months of medical treatments. It was enough for her to hear the voice of her sports myth, Francesco Totti, to wake up from a coma.

The girl’s family managed to get in touch with the Romanist legend. Now, after the awakening, Ilenia and her parents would like to meet Totti to thank him in person: “Your fantastic voice, combined with the passion, the love that Ilenia has always had for A.S. Roma, have favored her awakening, the return of her smile so contagious. Dear Francesco what are we waiting for? We are anxiously waiting for you, Ilenia is waiting for you”.

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