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Jason Hatcher vs. Dak Prescott’s Agent

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Unfortunately for the Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott was carted off the field during his game this week after a gruesome leg injury. With an undetermined time table for return, or if he can ever play football again for that matter, many famous figures of the sports world have entered the conversation.

One considerable man is Ex-Dallas Cowboys player Jason Hatcher who went off on the quarterback’s agent. Hatcher said the following, “First of all, I wanna just send my prayers out to Dak,” “[but] that young man and the team around him should have never allowed him to ever touch the field if he didn’t have a long term deal”.

Prescott tried renegotiating a long term deal with the Cowboys during the off-season, but ultimately agreed to play on a 1-year franchise tag deal that paid him $31.4 million guaranteed. But, with Dak Prescott suffering that horrific ankle injury Sunday night, his future is in doubt … and Hatcher is pointing the finger at Dak Prescott’s agent, Todd France. “There’s no way in the world that his team should have allowed him to bet on himself during this situation,” said Hatcher, a defensive lineman for the Cowboys from 2006 to 2013.

“He should’ve been in a comfortable situation with a long term deal”. “Now, he’s gotta start all back over again, rewind 4 years back when he came in as a rookie and prove himself all over again and he can play again and he can work through an injury or whatever”. Hatcher says if the Cowboys decide to cut Dak Prescott, fans shouldn’t be upset with Jerry Jones because “there’s no loyalty in business. It is business”. Of course, nobody could predict this gruesome injury and the sports world wishes Dak Prescott a speedy recovery.

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