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Jay Cutler’s Dog is Missing: USD1,000 reward offered

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Jay Cutler dog missing deepersport

Jay Cutler was a professional football player who spent most of his career playing for the Chicago Bears.

Now, of course, nobody is born right onto a football team, let’s take a look at where his journey began. Growing up in a small town in Indiana, Jay Cutler needed to do something to get him out of town, and football was his only opportunity.

Cutler amassed a great winning record and passing yards throughout high school which allowed him to continue playing at Vanderbilt University. From there he was drafted very early in 2006 by the Denver Broncos in the NFL. Jay Cutler did not get much playing time and was eventually traded to the Chicago Bears. He eventually retired in 2017 to move on from the sport.

Since coming out of retirement, Jay Cutler has gone under some controversy with his wife, and even was a part of a reality television show. A big role in this reality television show was played by his dog Bane, who has now gone missing. Cutler has been asking everyone in the area to join the search to bring home his beloved dog, and is actually offering a thousand dollar prize to anyone that finds his dog.

It is a very large and beautiful German Shepherd dog, so it is hard to miss if you see it. Cutler lives on a ranch in Franklin, Tennessee now and his dog ran off into the woods while being let out. It is an eighty pound German Shepherd so you may not be able to pick it up if you do find it. It is always a shame when someone’s dog goes missing, and we hope Jay Cutler finds his dog shortly. If you live in the area keep an eye out too, so you can go pick up that thousand dollar prize!

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