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John Daly Epic Hole in One

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JOHN DALY’S STILL GOT IT!!! The 54-year-old golf legend stepped up to a tee box in Virginia on Monday and sank a crazy hole-in-one, and he did it all barefoot!

The surreal scene was captured on video showing John Daly acing a par 3 at a charity tournament at The Federal Club in Glen Allen, Virginia as if he were chillin’ on a range in Hawaii. Daly took a little wedge on the 163-yard hole, and fired the ball straight into the cup! Everyone lost their minds over the shot slapping hands with the former The Open champ, and Daly nearly dropped an f-bomb appearing to brag about his career hole-in-1 total afterward!

“That makes 11 of them motherf–“, he said with a laugh before realizing the camera was rollin’. By the way, it’s great to see Daly looking good as he just revealed last month he had surgery to treat bladder cancer, and it’s clear he ain’t letting that stop him from being a golf G.O.A.T. This news is something that has gone almost unheard of in the sports world. John Daly, a notorious golfer known for his laidback style, big gut, big swing, and love of beer was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer is known to be quite rare as less than two hundred thousand Americans are diagnosed with it each year. Unfortunately, it is common for men around Daly’s age and it can certainly last for months. As mentioned above, he is certainly not letting this stop him from doing the things he loves and for that we are all grateful. He also announced that he will be growing out his beard until his battle with cancer is over, something he is typically not known for.

In the end, the sports world is rooting for John Daly to beat his battle with cancer!

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