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Jurgen Klopp, a great manager and a sore loser

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The German manager is one of the best coaches of the last decade and also one of the most influential. There is no denying that as his presence in modern football is undeniable. But the man also has a very known track record of not dealing with defeats in a good way and that is something that was clearly shown this weekend when his Liverpool side drew 1-1 with Fulham.

Jurgen Klopp has done wonders with Liverpool, to the point that he has pushed them to win the Champions League and Premier League once again while playing a very attacking style. They are one of the best football sides in recent years and they deserve a lot of credit for that.

But that doesn’t change how Jurgen Klopp tends to react when results don’t go his way. This weekend we saw Liverpool drawing 1-1 to Fulham, a team that is currently fighting relegation. The Reds saw themselves quite outmatched in different stages of the game and Scott Parker’s team was having the lead for most of the match until Liverpool got a very controversial penalty to level the score. Klopp hold no prisoners after the game, stating that Fulham changed their playing style, aiming just for long balls.

Truth be told, this is quite amusing from Jurgen Klopp. Not only because managers have every right to play the way they see fit, but also because Fulham had 61 long balls this game and Liverpool had 60, so it’s not like the German’s side were playing tiki-taka football.

Despite having a reputation of being a very friendly man, Klopp has a habit of constantly complaining about the opposition when the results don’t go his way, almost like trying to come up with excuses to justify his team’s own shortcoming in those particular affairs. It’s especially unfair to do this against Fulham, who just got promoted and are incredibly in need of points–they can’t afford to play the way Jurgen Klopp sees fit to keep him happy. A world class manager and a proven builder of great squads, but also a man with a bad habit of not taking defeat in the classiest of ways.

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