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Just How Much is J.T. Realmuto Worth?

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A rare five-tool player for his position, the 29-year-old JT Realmuto is arguably the best all-around catcher in the game today.  The Philadelphia Phillies, who Realmuto played for the past two seasons, appear to have dwindling hopes of resigning him.

Clearly there is significant interest to land the two-time All-Star. Both New York franchises, the Mets and Yankees, have shown interest, but at what price?

Reports are circulating that Realmuto is looking for his next contract in the neighborhood of $200 million, a total that have never been reached by a catcher.  The wear and tear behind the plate is like no other in baseball, which increased chance of injury, but the number Realmuto is looking for could be beyond what anyone is willing to dish out.

No matter how good Realmuto has been, he’s dealt with nagging hip and knee injuries and will be 30 years old when the 2021 season begins. Those factors all work against him when seeking such a lucrative deal for the duration he is looking for.

Take into consideration the top paying catchers annually, the $10 million per year that Realmuto earned in his last contract places him in the middle. The $20 million per year would launch Realmuto over Buster Posey, who earned an average of $19.875 million per year. Second on the list is Yasmani Grandal at $18.25 million per season.  Realmuto would be under contract at nearly $25 million per year until the age 38, very high-risk territory for a catcher.

Realmuto could earn around $25 million per year, but being he will already by 30, a more reasonable 4 to 6 year deal will likely be on the table, bringing the number between $100 and $150 million that teams will be interested in spending.

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